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Brief View of Electric Motors

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Electric machinery refers to electrical machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

As the development of technology, there’s various type of motors now used in different area of industry and daily life. And they’re mainly powered by AC (alternative Current) sources or DC (Direct Current) sources. Also, there’re many functional division of these motors, such as Brushless DC motor, Brush motor, Stepper motor, induction Motor and servo motor, etc. They are used in different applications with different parameters, they’ve contributed a lot in life and industry automation to promote our society’s modernization.

Though the type of electric motors are complex, their work principle apply same theory model.

You can check out wiki’s explanation for detailed information,

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While, all these motors’ value varies parameters as well as material they made with. Take a simple example, the brush of brushed DC motor must be made from carbon, but the actual finished component could be Graphite, wood, metal wood, rare metal wood. Certainly, their performance and utility has a large difference. Besides, another interesting thing is the color of motor also has influence on its cost, in concern of Anti-rust, you need use particular paint and paint machine. Therefore, change of paint color may cost additional fee, possibly more than $1,000 for a batch for all material’s replacement.  

However, with development of electrical applications, brushless DC motor is getting more and more popular as their current-to-torque and voltage-to-speed relationships are linear. They have the advantage of electronic commutation and do not require brush maintenance typical of mechanically commutated motors. 

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