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What is a stepper motor, How to choose a stepper motor?

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About Stepper Motors

Stepper Motor is a type of induction motor, it uses electronic circuit to transfer DC to multi-phase timing control current, and it can only work functionally under such power supply, thus a controller must be used to provide that power. The controller helps stepper motors covert electricity into mechanical energy.

In the case of non-overload, the motor’s speed, halt position is decided by the number of pulses and the frequency of the pulse signal, instead of the load situation. Whenever the stepper controller receives a pulse signal, it drives the motor rotate in preset direction with a fixed angle which is called ‘step angle’, the motor always spins with this certain angle to continually work. While, people can control the pulse signal to control angular displacement, so as to accurate positioning; at the same time, we can use frequency of the pulse signal to control speed and acceleration of motor.

Although, the research and development of stepper motor is comparatively mature, it is still not a easy thing to applicate it in real life. It involves a lot of professional knowledge of Machinery, Electrical motors, EE, IT etc.

Hybrid stepper motor is now the most popular stepper motor for its better dynamic performance, smaller step angle, greater output torque.

 How to choose Electrical Motors

When choosing a stepper motor and controller, the basic principle is to consider actual business needs. Meanwhile, there’s some simple thing also need to consider in choice.

1. Decide how much torque is required: static torque is one of the main parameters. Large torque motor is required when workload is large. And the outline of the motor also gets larger as the torque gets larger.

2. Decide rated speed of motor: if you need a high speed motor, product with higher current and lower inductance would be better, in order to increase input power. The controller needs to adopt higher supply voltage.

3. Decide motor’s installation Specification: such as 57, 80, and 110 etc. It’s mainly about torque requirement.

4. Decide accuracy and vibration requirement.

5. Decide whether particular function is required or not, such as water proof capability.

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