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Electrical Motor production in China - Diversity,Aggregation,Project-based corporation

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Over decades of effort, electrical motor factories in China have processed diversified product line, include BLDC motors, Stepper motors, PM DC motors, gear motors and different kind of motors in special needs. Besides, all kinds of motor controllers production line have been established, but during the development, two districts in China  got outstanding achievement: Jiangsu province and Guangdong province, they are respectively good at motor production and controller production. Therefore, it formed a work division as well as localized aggregation. This characteristic continues today, Changzhou has become the largest electrical motor production base with the most complete automation accessories. A lot of high performance motors people get from other province are majority come from Changzhou (If you have watched the movie Pacific Rim, you may know Changzhou is famous as its automation industries:D).

Due to diversity of motors and cost concern, normally a single factory is not able to undertake requirements of such large range type. While, nowadays upstream customers always want simple and effective solution of a project part, thus these factories have always keep in touch with each other in order to capture project together when needed. It has formed a long cooperation relationship among these motor factories. In this way, they can not only provide best and cost-effective service to customers, but also greatly reduce internal costs, at the same time, these factories can focus on their own product quality. 

Over the years, ZGC has operated its own factory covering a great range of BLDC motors, stepper motors, PM dc motors and motor drives etc, and we have done great. Meanwhile, we also have established good credit among local manufacturers in the industry. We have to admit that there are maters in some particular products includes motor drives, but we also have firm relationship with those maters. Whenever our customer has special needs, we always promise to provide the best solutions with most reasonable price.

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