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Global electric motor Market trends

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There’s an unofficial report about global electric motor market situation, it refers that the motor market will reach worth 120.68 billion by 2019. While, in ZGC’s opinion, it would be a greater market far more than the report writer expected. As the worldwide energy resource shortage, government is encouraging to save electricity in industry using as well as family using. Due to the technical barrier, the traditional large motors is not replaceable in the past, it cost a lot of electricity even the industry application does not need that much power. With the technique development, more and more premium efficiency tiny motors are produced, with different combination, they could be used as same functional parts in those applications and save more power. The report also indicates that the market for electric motors is rising globally mainly due to the introduction of rising electricity prices and exacting electricity consumption standards.

The electric motors’ market is divided into AC,DC motors according to current nature. Among these motors, hermetic motor is more popular in the market with approaching revenues through the estimated forecast period. The main cause is the rising demand for HVAC equipment. Besides, industrial control system market is also grow steady, more and more stepper motors in particular model is produced to meet special needs. It is worth to mention that the Aerial device is one of the most popular civil-use application in recent years, thus a great number of Brushless dc motors are produced, and fierce competition in the market pushes manufactory putting more and more effort to improve manufacturing process to make these aerial device have better performance.  

ZGC offers best brushless dc motor in industry use, we had better experience in AGV, Printing system, Lawn mower etc. With years of project experience, ZGC team accumulated a lot industrial knowledge, we are professional in providing you better Bldc motor, stepper motor, Pmdc motor, gear motor solutions. 

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