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The world is so big,ZGC brings you to have a look----Yangzhou city

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On April 18,all ZGC staff went to Yangzhou city for one-day tourism.

As the poem said:"In this flowery March I journeyed south to Yangzhou""the green city is Yangzhou".Yangzhou has the best view in this season.

In the morning,we went to the Slender West Lake.The Slender West Lake Scenic Area is amoung the foremost of public lake parks in China.It takes the name from narrow and meandering waterways that connect numerous features,including the Great Rainbow Bridge,Xuyuan Garden,Four Bridge in Mist & Rain,the White Pagoda,the Fishing Terrace,Fu Manor,and Yangzhou's iconic Five Pavilions Bridge.

Then we sent to Ge Garden.It was rebuilt on the site of the Ming Dynasty Shouzhi Garden by Huang Zhijun,Director of the powerful Salt Ministry during the Qing Dynasty.Huang Zhijun loved bamboo,and gave the garden its name because the chinese character"ge"(个) resembles the shape of the bamboo leaves.

All people released themselves in the beautiful scenery.

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