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Automation Production-A tour to modern cost-effective manufacture

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We always wonder that The Creator give us so much amazing capabilities, such as thinking, feeling,  giving birth to lives. While, people are also trying to play the role of a creator, relying on the modern technique, we are able to 'give birth to' machines. 

I believed that you may be familiar with those classical movie scenes, machines and robots that we created create more robots and machines. 

We use automation to assist us making things easier. However, what's the key physical element that makes all this possible, and how the key is produced in modern times. Just follow ZGC to take a look.

Everything relates to automation is related to motors, variety kinds of motors, it's the physical key element of automation. With appropriate controlling unit, they could do whatever you want. Traditional motor manufactures using numerous labors to assemble cases, twine copper wires, test finished goods and so on.  

With the rapid growth of global market as well as techniques, the production process has changed a lot, automated machinery have being brought into real processing to save labor cost and increase production. As an example, the 'winder' is used to twist particular copper wires into motors. 

For certain quality and cost reasons, semiautomatic is still common in accurate work and test process. Like electrical motors' life test, noise test, and all these automation machinery are also build up by motors.  It is a pride that ZGC's products are all independently tested in separated noise test room, and life test room. Unfortunately, for business privacy issues, ZGC is not able to provide those images here, but we are happy to bring every customer visit our manufacture. Witness the interesting process that how motors are made by motors. 

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